Is there a fee for aditional drivers?

Yes. To add a second driver to your contract you will have to choose the option V (CDW) or the option C (Super CDW) as it states in the insurance page

Are the campervans gearboxes manual or automatic?

They are manual gearboxes.

Can my Getaway Van leave Portugal?

Yes, as long as it has been previously arranged with us and the insurance you picked covers that option.

Can you keep my vehicle during the renting period of the camper-van?

Yes. If you pay an additional fee, we can keep your vehicle safely during the renting period and we can even deliver it to you washed and cleaned.

Can I do wild camping in Portugal?

Technically, wild camping is not legal in Portugal. Nevertheless, many people do it in auto-caravans. But as it is not legal if you do it, you may be asked by the authorities to leave the place or even be fined. Wind camping in tents is not allowed.

Do campervans have heating systems at night?


How do I get water for my campervan?

You can refill with water in service stations. There is always a water hose next to the air pumps in portuguese service stations.

Are camping parks opened all year round?

Mostly, yes. But you should always check previously, especially during the low season.

My flight leaves before 6 A.M. Can I deliver the campervan at that time?

Yes you may drop off or pick up  the campervan at any time 24/7  as long as it has been previously arranged with our services.

Can I take my cat or dog with me?

Yes, you can bring you pet.

How many can travel in the campervan?

Up to 4 people.

I have a drivers licence for less than a year. Can I rent a campervan?

You can only rent a campervan if your drivers licence issue date is over 1 year.

Do I need to leave a safety deposit?

Yes. On the day you pick the campervan up you will be requested to leave a safety deposit with us, that we will give back to you when you return the campervan. This security deposit will be used to cover eventual damages caused to the campervan. This security deposit should be payed using Visa or Mastercard and will be reimbursed to your account up to 5 days after you return the campervan.

What documents do I need to rent a campervan?

A valid passport or national identification card. A valid European or international drivers licence. A Visa/Mastercard credit card to make the booking and ensure the safety deposit.

Can you pick me up at the Porto airport if I am planning on arriving after the office working hours?

Yes, as long as this has been previously arranged while making the reservation.

Must the fuel deposit be full when I return my campervan?

Yes. When you return your campervan the fuel tank must be as it was when you picked it up. The penalties for not doing so are established on the general conditions of vehicle renting contract that you sign.

Do I have to deliver my campervan clean?

Yes. The campervan should be returned to us clean on the inside (no trash, mud or other residues). The penalties for not doing so are established on the general conditions of vehicle renting contract that you sign.

Can you deliver me my campervan at a place of my choice?

Yes, but there is an additional fee for this service.

Do you provide maps and routes?

Yes. We will provide you with maps, suggestions of touristic routes and many other useful information about camping parks, assistance areas, fluvial beaches, naturist beaches, ecoturism, etc.

What time do your offices open and close?

We are opened from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m.

Is there any special discount if we rent more than a campervan?

There may be, depending on the time of the year. You should consult us directly regarding this

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes. All information you provide us will be secure.

Can my children travel in the campervan?


How can I rent a campervan?

You can do it online, using our reservation system, you can do it in our office or you can do it by phone.

Can I rent a campervan if I’m under 25 years old?

Yes, but you will have to pay an additional fee.

Do the campervans have a sound system?

Yes. USB and MP3.

Do campervans have bathrooms?

Campervans do not have bathrooms. We can, however, provide a exterior shower and a chemical toilet.

Can I deliver my campervan in a different place besides of Porto?

Yes. You can deliver in other points of the country, as Lisboa or Algarve, if you pay an extra fee (check information).

Are there additional costs not mentioned in the contract?


Is bed linen provided?

Yes, we provide sleeping bags, pillows and towels.

Can I pick up my Get away Van in any day of the week? At any time?

Yes, you can pick it up whenever you want, as long as you mention it while making the reservation.

Is there a minimum renting period?

Yes. During low, reduced and medium seasons the minimum renting period is 3 days. During the high season, the minimum renting period is 5 days.

Can I stop anywhere or do I have to stop in special assistance parks?

Besides assistance parks and camping parks, you can camp pretty much anywhere (beach, mountains, city…), as long as you respect other people’s privacy and private property. You should always pick up the trash you generated when you are leaving a place where you have been camping.

Why should I rent with The Getaway Van?

The Getaway Van presents a different and adventurous concept to travel in Portugal. We rent campervans at low cost, our campervans are easy to drive and park. They have two comfortable double beds, so having a place to sleep while you travel has never been easier. No car renting is needed; you can avoid expensive hotels and always eating in restaurants. It is an alternative way to enjoy your vacations.

Can I travel outside Portugal with The Getaway Van ?

Yes you may, if previously have informed the management and if you have the proper insurance option.