Keep on dreaming of…that perfect family Getaway!

I know that the current situation is far from perfect right now. You’re stuck at home (or about to be) with the kids and the partner getting under your feet, home-schooling, video-calling, dinner-making, laundry-doing and online shopping-queuing.  However… this too shall pass.  It is one of those phrases that us as parents, especially mums like me will have seen whilst

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Piodão secret village

Piódão, a Secret Village to Discover in Portugal

If you already visited Portugal, we are pretty sure you already know our country has a lot of beautiful places to discover. But in the interior of the country, which is not so common for tourists, we have several villages with a lot of cultural richness. One of them is Piódão. You can find this small village in Serra do

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Curiosities You Probably Don’t Know About Portugal

Portugal has been recognized several times by some of the most important magazines in the world as one of the best tourist destination. And this small country in the coast of Europe has a lot to discover. From the food to the nature places, portuguese cities are a true cultural wealth. But besides all the things you probably already read

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5 Portuguese beaches every surf lover needs to know

You probably don’t know, but Portugal is a great surf destination. From all around the world, surfers come to discover our amazing coast and all the beaches that offer the perfect waves… and adventures! There are over 900 Km of coast for you to discover! Did you know that Portugal is one of Eddie Vedder’s favorite places to surf? From

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