FAQ About the Campervan Rental Serivce


It´s normal to have questions...
We compiled some answers for the most frequently asked ones.
We hope it helps to clear your doubts!
Otherwise, feel free to get in touch.

Yes, you may, as you can check on our insurance page. You can travel through Europe, on all the countries indicated on the security document of the van.

Yes, we can keep your vehicle safely and we can even deliver it to you washed and cleaned. For rental periods of 3 or more days we’ll deliver your car washed (except during weekends). For periods longer than a week we offer an interior and exterior cleaning service.

4 Or 5 people can travel, depending on the van. When you ask quote, please let us know how many people (children and adults) will be traveling, so that we can inform you about the options.

Yes, your pet is welcome to come along. And you don´t have to pay for that.

During our working hours (9 a.m. – 6 p.m.). This time can be extended for two hours before or after (from 7 a.m. or until 8 p.m.) if you pay an additional fee of €25. When you ask quote, please let us know the times, so that we give you the correct information.

Sorry, you can only rent a campervan if your drivers´ license issue date is over 1 year.

No, there is no fee for additional drivers, as you can confirm on our insurance page. Each drive has to bring his driver´s license and has to have it for longer than a year. The name and information of each driver will be written on the rental contract.

A valid passport or national identification card.
A European or international drivers license for the driver(s).
Assure a payment option for the rental value and for the security deposit.

Yes, on the pick up day, you´ll have to leave a security deposit, choosing between 3 options . You can do it through PayPal, Redunicre (Credit card through online link), Bank Transfer, Cash Credit / Debit Card (If you choose this method to make the security deposit, a fee of €25 will be charged).



Besides motorhome parks and camping parks, you can stop pretty much anywhere (beach, mountain, city…), as long as you respect the driving rules, other people’s privacy and private property. You should always pick up the trash you generated when you are leaving a place.
This said, technically, wild camping is not legal in Portugal. Nevertheless, many people do it in motorhomes. But as it is not legal, if you do it, you may be asked by the authorities to leave the place or even be fined.


Mostly, yes. But you should always check previously, especially during the low season. And, when you arrive, we have a camping sites´ guide waiting for you.

Yes, there´s an independent heating system for when the campervan is parked.

Yes. We will provide you with maps, suggestions of touristic routes and many other useful information about camping parks, assistance areas, fluvial beaches, naturist beaches, ecotourism, etc. You also get a list of our partners (surf, adventure and leisure, camping), on whose activities you can get benefits. For more tips and suggestions, you can also check our blog or our facebook group Getaway Suggestions .

If that place is in the area of Porto (airport, bus/train station or accommodation), we´ll provide you a free transfer to our warehouse, where the pick up takes place. As long as it´s in Portugal, we can deliver the campervan at other locations (airport, bus/train stations) for an additional fee of €0,50 / Km. This service has fixed rates for Lisboa (€150) and Faro (€250). You should inform of the pick up and drop off places when you ask quote.

There may be, depending on the time of the year. You should consult us directly regarding this.

Yes. All information you provide us will be secure. Check our Privacy Policy for more details.

Yes, they are more than welcome. When you contact us, please let us know their ages. We´ll provide baby car seats and booster seats for free.

Yes, you can. But if you´ll be driving you´ll have to pay an additional fee of €3/day. And keep in mind that the drivers must have their drivers´ license for at least one year. 

Normally you can reach us at the office between 9 a.m. till 7 p.m. (Monday to Friday), Portuguese hours. During this hours or even on weekends, if you´d like to pass by, please let us know in advance through one of our contacts .

Our campervans don´t have traditional bathrooms. However, there´s an exterior shower with hot water. You can also choose, as an extra , a portable shower cabin and a chemical toilet.

You can refill with water at service stations with amenities for campervans / motorhomes, at camping sites or any public place with a tap.

Yes, as extras .
Choose what suits you better.

No, there aren´t. See the terms of the contract here .

Yes. When you return the campervan the fuel tank must be as it was when you picked it up.
If the fuel tank isn’t returned full, a fee of 15€ will be charged, besides the cost of refilling the deposit.

Yes. The minimum renting period is 3 days. During the Summer season, the minimum renting period is 7 days. There may be some exceptions, depending on availability. Feel free to get it touch about this subject.

You need to dump the chemical toilet and the dirty water tank, as well as the garbage.
If you don´t dump the chemical toilet, a fee of €20 will be charged.

You can do it online on our website (clicking on get quote ), you can do at our office or by phone.
You can also find us on many worldwide online platforms.

It´s the opportunity to live the adventure of a lifetime! Being both car and hotel, the Getaway campervans are designed to comfortably accommodate 4 or 5 persons, and pets are also welcome. Having a great size, you can park them anywhere! Affordable and easy to drive they, however, offer all the modern comfort because the basic package is really complete.  And, of course, a team ready to help you so that you make the most of your road trip!