Porto and the Minho road trip.

Porto and Minho road trip with a Getaway Van camper-van is a trip you can’t miss. Being in the Porto and Minho regions we are very proud of where we live. I am an honorary Porto girl, who has chosen to make her home here. Many people are not aware of the north of Portugal other than Porto, they have heard of Lisbon and the sun kissed beaches of the Algarve. Both places are amazing, and you should definitely visit if you haven’t. However there are some gorgeous places that had I not moved here, I would never have known about.

So to make sure new travellers to Portugal, now and in the future are not kept in the dark, here is a ready made road trip for you to use when you take your Getaway Van on an adventure.

Let’s start with my city, the namesake of the country and the second biggest city in Portugal


Jardins do Palácio de Cristal Crystal Palace     

Has the most beautiful gardens overlooking the Douro river, don’t miss them

Foz do Douro and cable car

Take tram/cable car to seaside. You can’t miss the dazzling beach when visiting Porto

Igreja de São Francisco

A beautiful dazzling church with stunning golden interior that will take your breath away.

Where to stay

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Orbitur Canidelo

ORBITUR Canidelo, Avenida da Beira-Mar, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portuga

Onwards to Guimarães and Braga

Legendary Kings and religious sites in Guimarães and Braga.

These locations are very close to each other and so you can choose the order you do them in depending on where you prefer to check out first. 

A detour to Guimarães is essential, it is a Portuguese legend, Guimarães is considered to be the birthplace of Portugal and the Historic Centre is an UNESCO site. There are many reasons to visit this city.

Where to visit

Castelo de Guimarães

You cannot visit with a stop at the imposing Castelo de Guimarães, perched on a hill in Guimarães. This is where Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal, was born and it’s definitely a big deal.

Boulders of Mount Penha

I also highly recommend visiting Penha, and have your eyes widened by the magnificent boulders there, as you stroll the Boulders of Mount Penha. Having personally been there, you have to visit to appreciate how stunning this place is.

But wait wait wait, what about Braga, Portugal’s third largest city and major pilgrimage site. 


Guimarães to Braga 26 mins drive.


Where to visit

Baroque church of Bom Jesus do Monte

Monastery of St Martin of Tibães

Known for its extravagant Rococo decoration

Garden of Santa Barbara

Peaceful and beautiful.

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Camping Braga

Short walk from Braga centre.

Next up the amazing wilderness of Geres

Braga to Geres – 52 minute drive.

Where to visit

Pristine wilderness in Peneda-Gerês National Park

The next destination on your North Portugal road trip awaits in the northern tip of Portugal. A true spirit of nature awaits you with mountain peaks, ancient boulders and deep valleys. A place where you can see wild ponies feed and where the forests are roamed by Iberian wolves.

Where granite-stone villages sit, untouched by modern life. Portugal’s only national park gives you the chance to breathe fresh mountain air, hike through a spectacular landscape, and swim in shimmering lakes and waterfalls.

Then there’s the village of Soajo with its granite espigueiros, resembling enormous, eerie, stone tombs. They’re actually just corn granaries, but still.

And finally, when the sun sets over the mountains, reward yourself with a cold carafe of the local vinho verde.


Lets continue with your Porto and Minho road trip with a Getaway Van camper-van.

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Stay at 

Parque Cerdeira

Rua de Cerdeira, 400 Campo do Gerês 4840-030 Terras de Bouro Braga, Portugal.

Back on the road again, grab your Getaway Van and rock up at..


Geres to Ponte de Lima 1 Hour 30 minute drive.

Ponte de Lima

Where to visit

One of the oldest places in Portugal it too is a beautiful place steeped in history. There are many historical places to visit such as the bridge that spans the Lima River made up of two sections of bridge called the Ponte Romana and the Ponte Medieval.

The story goes that when the Romans ruled Portugal they believed the Rio Lima was the Lethe River, one of the underworld rivers of Hades. They believed that if you went fully into the water you would lose your mind to Oblivion.

So a Roman General tested this superstition and then called his soldiers to cross the river. There are statues to commemorate this first crossing of the river.

Where to stay

Last but not least….

Ponte de Lima to Viana De Castelo

28 minutes drive

Viana De Castelo

Traditions of times-gone-by in Viana do Castelo

Return to civilisation with your itinerary’s final destination: Viana do Castelo. But this city is a place where the past is most definitely alive and kicking. Because why just travel abroad when you can travel back in time too?

With its medieval centre, beautiful riverfront, and sandy shores just beyond, Viana do Castelo is a charming place to spend the last day of your Porto and the Minho road trip. Make sure to pick up a traditional embroidered costume. There’s no better souvenir.

You can even explore a ship that now lives here, walk over a ridiculously long bridge (Ponte Eiffel made by the same Eiffel as in Eiffel Tower.) Or just relax on the sandy shores.


After exploring some of the most beautiful places in the North of Portugal it is time to head back to the Getaway Van marvelling at the scenery as you head south to Porto.

Viana do Castelo to Porto and the Getaway Van 

28 minutes drive

Back to Porto come back soon

I hope you enjoyed your Porto and Minho road trip with a Getaway Van camper-van- Get a quote now and experience this trip and many other adventures with the Getaway Van. 

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Porto and the Minho road trip.

Porto and Minho road trip with a Getaway Van camper-van is a trip you can’t miss. Being in the Porto and Minho regions we are