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Choose one of our fun, head-twisting campervans
as your journey’s companion!

But our vans are not only good looking!
There´s much more to this modern fleet of Ford Transit Custom (2.2 TDI, 115-125CV, 6 speed manual gearboxes).

This girls are way more economical than traditional caravans. They´re also easy to drive and park, and able you to stay anywhere overnight.

Rooms with a view where you get to pick the view. Cool, isn´t it?

Scroll down and have a look at some of the perks of road tripping with a Getaway van.

Our vans beds

Comfy Seats and Beds

In some of our campervans travel 4 people, in others 5.
All are equipped with 2 expandable double beds, that have their own lightning system.
We can provide fresh clean bed linen right off the laundry as an extra.

Our vans pets allowed

Pets Welcome

The Getaway Van is a pet friendly company.
We consider they´re part of the family, so fluffy friends are always welcome to travel along.
No extra charge for that!

Our vans kitchen

Ready to use Kitchen

You can cook, wash and clean wherever you are! Perfect for those seaside morning breakfasts, or stunning sunset dinners...
This small kitchen has it all - equipped with a sink, gas hob, a fridge or cooler, and a large storage. You can add kitchen tools as an extra.

Our vans table

Quick Assembled Table

The table is assembled in a matter of seconds, while the passenger frontal chair rotates backwards giving you a wider sense of space.
You can use it to have a nice meal, as a workspace, or for an endless board games nights!

Our vans buttons

Multiple Sockets and Controls

All vans are equipped with an array of devices like the one on the picture.
We have the hot water switch that controls the sink tap and the shower head, a water meter that let's you know when the water supply needs refilling, a main power switch, a EU power socket (220V), and a 12V lighter socket.

Our vans wifi and GPS

Free Wi-fi and GPS

Can´t live without internet?
We´ve got you! Take a hotspot with unlimited wi-fi to use in Portugal.
And you´ll only get lost if you want to! We have a TomTom GPS to guide you through your road trip.
Besides that, in the dashboard you'll find everything you need including a couple of handy storage spaces.

Our vans solar panel

Solar Power

The solar panel on the roof charges the second battery of the van, making the campervan electrically autonomous.
Besides wanting you to feel comfortable and warm the whole trip, we try to make our contribution to the planet´s sustainability. Green thumbs up!

Our vans storage

Great Storage Area

Storage, storage and more storage! Don't be fooled, these campervans can take a lot more stuff than you may think. Under the bed there is loads of space, so you can store anything you bring along.
There´s even room for surf equipment!

Our vans awning

Cool Shade

The awning is an absolute essential for a camper. All our vans have one - it´s easy to open and gives it an extra space. This way, you don't have to worry about getting sunburned, wet or having your coffee ruined by a falling tree leaf.

Our vans bike rack

Bike Rack

Love cycling?
Our campervans come with the optional bike rack, where you can take up to 2 bikes, without having to overcrowd the living area.
You may also rent any type of bike from us via one of our many partners.

All our vans have:

To help you plan your route:

You can count on:

a bunch of extras
you can choose from!