Top-Aktivitäten im Herbst – Porto und Nordportugal

Summer Lovin' happened so fast

It’s been an odd year! 

But the Getaway Van and The North of Portugal are ready to show you the magic of autumn.

Some see the season of autumn as depressing, with the nights drawing in and the cold starting to take its toll in countries such as the UK, Germany, Northern France and others. Portugal however has an almost magical quality about it. We here at the Getaway Van know that safety is of the utmost importance and that is why we have complied a list of the best autumn activities in the north of Portugal, where you can safely use your individual van, clean and sanitised prior to every use and enjoy this magic gorgeous season. 



As a family business we also like to take the vans out and about with the kids and celebrate birthdays, special occasions and enjoy parts of Portugal that we don’t get to see in the usual work / school routine. 

Especially after lockdown, I and my family know the importance of having freedom to go places and see new things. What is great about the use of the Getaway Van is that you have the security that it has been sanitised fully and that no one else will have access to your van whilst it 

With this in mind lets explore the stunning Autumn beauty that Portugal has to offer. 

Stunning Autumn in The Douro Valley


A UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site, the Douro valley is beautiful and stunning on its own but it is even more spectacular during the Autumn months. The Douro Valley is a major wine region where autumn casts its spell and turns its hills into rows of red, orange and yellow terraced vineyards.



Start your journey with us picking up your van in Porto and pre-booking some activities to do in the Douro before driving yourselves at your own speed. After arriving at the Douro, you could visit one of our partners Quinta De Santa Cristina, with pre-booking you are able to do many things such as have guided vineyard tours with tastings, visit wine workshops, plant your own vines and attend harvest programmes where you can stomp on grapes in traditional stone tanks!

Watch a Fado show


A word that sums up Fado music, a word, a feeling that you cannot translate into another language. A mixture of sadness, longing for someone who is no longer in your presence. It is a powerful and emotional word, which is reflected in the music. Pre-booking is necessary for these events, where you can enjoy dinner and music as the nights close in, autumn is just a perfect time for this.  

Fado is so popular, that even in the Netherlands, a national talent show was won by two Dutch singers singing Portuguese Fado. This music touches all languages like no no other. 

Check out our partners at CALEM Port Wine, where you can enjoy tasting Port wine, dinner and a show.

Visit the city parks

It is not a secret that is always a lovely idea to visit Portugal and this period of the year is not different. There are so many beautiful places to see, everything is so much more romantic, everything gets new colours, and tranquillity is served with long and peaceful rivers and streams. In autumn there are fewer people walking in the streets and it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of what Portugal has to offer.

For my kids, one of their favourite things to do it to jump in the fallen leaves, I like to watch them as we stroll through the cities parks and discover the hundreds of colours and sights autumn has to offer. So here are our favourite parks to visit in autumn.

Parque da Cidade do Porto

Cannot ignore the city park, its a place me and the kids go regularly and you can see why, we’ve visited in every season but just look at that autumn light.

Jardins do Palácio de Cristal

Take your Getaway Van and then head to Palacio de Cristal. They have some of the most beautiful views of the city, in all seasons. 


Serralves has a very good museum, beautiful gardens and an amazing new Tree Top Walk which my children and I visited this summer, it is great and the kids loved it as you can see and I bet you will too. 

Roasted Chestnuts and St. Martins Day!

Oh I just couln’t resist adding chestnuts into this blog. They scream autumn in Porto and Portugal at this time of the year. St. Martin’s day is not until November 11th but just as the cold comes in, St. Martin’s day brings warmth to our bellies. Chestnuts are the fruit of autumn, the schools here are full of chestnut poems and art works showing off the Portuguese love affair with them, and for me and for you it is only just beginning. Did you know the chestnut tree has existed in Portugal for more than 9000 years and  before potatoes were introduced to Europe so chestnuts were an essential food for people here, they are not just food but a big part of their culture. 

So come and visit us, explore Porto and the North with the Getaway Van, let us keep you safe with your hotel on wheels able to explore all the beauty of Autumn in the North, including pulling up to a pile of leaves and jumping in it like a kid.

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