How it all began...

So, here´s the story about The Getaway Van´s start.

The company was born from a family dream. Graça and Abílio had promised their son that, once they retired, they would buy a campervan and travel on it. The idea was to explore new destinations, as they had done before, when on holidays.

In 2014, still very active, they thought – why not buy more than one van and make it a rental business?

And so it started, with 3 campervans , nicely customised to the user´s needs, well identified by them as regular campers. Their son Paulo, who is a designer, personalised the outside of the vans, giving each one of them a cool and happy look.

The business was created in their hometown – Porto, Northern Portugal. Located near Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, it´s a great starting point to explore the country or even continue to travel through European destinations. The North of Portugal itself, is worthed to explore, with plenty of historical sites, and a diversified landscape of rocky mountains, a beautiful coastline, amazing river valleys and luxurious green.

About The Getaway Van

From the start, they decided to prioritise the customer experience, in order to help the users to plan and make the most of the road trip ahead.

For that, they are always available to help with any questions that may come up. The Getaway Van partnered up with different companies all over the country (surf schools, camping sites and adventure and leisure), on which services its customers can get discounts.

On the pick up day, the road trippers get a file with lots of travel tips. Even a facebook group (Getaway Suggestions) was created, so that everyone can share their experiences.

The point is not to turn The Getaway Van into a big company with a huge fleet (although the number of vans has already duplicate), but to remain a business that is close to the customers and that makes them feel supported during the whole process.