How to plan a road trip

Are you dreaming of getting away from it all?|

Miss having the freedom that you used to?


Loving the idea of a campervan, the ultimate freedom on wheels?

Safe, hygienic and long overdue?


Buuuut it’s your first time and you have no idea where to start?

Then look no further than here on how to plan a road trip.

Where to?

The first step to plan a road trip is usually to know where you’re going.

The beauty of a Getaway campervan is that you can choose to follow the traditional tourist routes and see the typical sights and sounds..


You can choose a country and city to start and then when your travelling companions ask you

‘Where are we going?’

You can answer back

‘ We’re are just going….’

Anywhere and everywhere is possible in the Getaway van, the world really is your oyster.


Usually holidays require extra money for everything, accommodation costs, car hire costs, excursion costs, restaurant food, and some even charge daily for bed linen.

Whilst budgeting for sightseeing, souvenirs and entrance fees and food is important, you can be safe in the knowledge that your bed on wheels will take you with unlimited mileage to wherever you want to go in the EU and UK.

Just make sure you have budgeted for the right number of days and number of people. As you can cook your own food in your Getaway Van you can save lots of money on takeaways and restaurant prices.


Before leaving for the road we should have a rough idea of what roads we can take.

There may be a few options and some of them may involve toll roads so having some idea of what roads are around the area you are travelling in is a good idea and having the correct payment type is important.

For example here in Portugal there is an electronic only toll system on some motorways where you have to take your payment to a post office.

So check what the rules are in the country or city you are travelling in.

What will you see

Now that you have an idea of whereabouts you are going to go and how much you want to spend as well as  the types of road you want to take, you can check out online local trip guides like the ones on our blog.

As well as these you can look at formal travel guides to give you ideas of what to do.

You can then take or leave them when you do your trip but it’s always good to have an idea of what there is around. Of course there may be changes, this “guide” will only serve as a base and help you if you get stuck for ideas.

Organization and essential items

Email/digital notes

After you have made some notes on your trip you may want to avoid losing your notes.

Pieces of paper can be lost, coffee spilt on them or get ripped.

So here’s an idea  2 or 3 days before the trip, write everything in an email, write down your day-to-day « guide », address’s places of interest and roads to avoid etc

This way if you lose the papers you still have everything in digital format . The bonus is that the Getaway Van has wifi and charging points so you will have battery and wifi wherever you go.


The day before you go it is essential to check all your documents,

check, check and double check

that you have them before you set off.

Also another tip is to take a picture of tickets, passports and visas if applicable and keep them either on your phone or send to the email you used before.


Make sure you have all electronics and their respective chargers with you.

The Getaway Van has secure safes that you can use to keep your valuables safe.

So check you have your phone, camera (if separate), computer, headphones, chargers as well as adapters if the country you are in uses different plugs make sure you have the right ones for your trip.

So when you plan a road trip you will always been able to connect to the world and instagram your adventures at #getawayvan and share with the Getaway Facebook group and our website.

First Aid

Adventures are awesome but your health and well-being will always have priority.

Therefore when you plan a road trip it’s very important to take medicines that you need.

The Getaway Van can also provide you with a basic first aid kit as a resource for any situation that may occur.

Whilst on the road

As you travel on your adventure you may have lots of downtime, especially if you are not driving and have a long trip ahead.

Our friends over at have a whole load of fun things to do on your trip.

Check them out here. They’ll keep everyone entertained no matter their age!

So, those are the basics...

Of course to plan a road trip can be as complicated or as simple as you wish. Knowing the basics of where you are roughly going and not being prevented by toll roads by some pre-planning can eliminate lots of the stress that comes with the normal camper-van holiday.


So what are you waiting for?! Let’s go grab a quote and get this road trip going…

Hit that Get Quote button below, see you soon!

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