Piódão, a Secret Village to Discover in Portugal

If you already visited Portugal, we are pretty sure you already know our country has a lot of beautiful places to discover. But the countryside, which is not so explored by tourists, has several villages culturally very rich. One of them is Piódão.

You can find this small village in Serra do Açor, which belongs to Arganil. First of all, you should know that it´s one of the best places for rural tourism. Piódão is perfect to spend some relaxed time surrounded by nature. It was considered World Heritage by UNESCO.

For those who don’t know this area, it can be a little bit hard to find the small village. It hides itself in the middle of mountains. There you can find nature is its most pure way. The view is just breathtaking.

One of the many things that makes Piódão unique is its houses, all made of schist. This gives a certain mysterious vibe to the village. Contrasting with the dark color of this material are the blue tones of the windows and doors.

Although it´s a small village on the interior of the country, Piódão has a lot of stories to tell. In the small alleys you can find true cultural treasures. Some of the things you should visit while in Piódão are the religious temples. The main church, for example, really stands out. This church from the XVIII century was painted in white and blue, which contrasts with the dark tones of the schist.

But beside all the monuments, there is a lot you can do in this village. Since it’s in the middle of the mountain and surrounded by nature, Piódão has a lot of pedestrian paths you can walk. It’s amazing to walk in such a  pure and enchanted ambiance! You can also take the opportunity to do Geocaching.

If you visit Piódão during Summer, you have to take an afternoon to enjoy the several river beaches. And, at night, you certainly will love to look at the sky and see the stars!

To finish, let’s talk about the gastronomy. After all, it is one important part of visiting a place! In this small village you can find a lot of Portugal´s traditional food. Our advise is for you to taste the migas of codfish and the roasted lamb.
Besides Piódão there are other small villages in the area you can visit and discover some of the most enchanted places of Portugal. If you want to visit them, our campervans are ready to take you there!

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