Are the campervans gearboxes manual or automatic?

They are manual gearboxes.

Can I travel outside Portugal with The Getaway Van?

Yes you may, if previously have informed the management.

Can you keep my car during the rental period of the campervan?

Yes, we can keep your vehicle safely and we can even deliver it to you washed and cleaned. For rental periods of 3 or more days we’ll deliver your car washed. For periods longer than a week we offer an interior and exterior cleaning service.

How many can travel in the campervan?

Up to 4 people.

Can I take my cat or dog with me?

Yes, you can bring you pet.

What time can I pick up and drop off the campervan?

During our working hours (9 a.m. – 6 p.m.). This time can be extended for two hours before or after (from 7 a.m. or until 8 p.m.) and it has an additional fee of €25.

I have a drivers licence for less than a year. Can I rent a campervan?

You can only rent a campervan if your drivers licence issue date is over 1 year.

Is there a fee for additional drivers?

No, there is no fee for aditional drivers. The name of each driver has to be on the rental contract.

What documents do I need to rent a campervan?

A valid passport or national identification card. A valid European or international drivers licence. A Visa/Mastercard credit card to make the booking and ensure the safety deposit.

Do I need to leave a safety deposit?

Yes, on the pick up day, you´ll have to leave a security deposit, choosing between 3 options. You can do it through credit card, debit card, Paypal or bank transfer.

It serves to cover any damages caused to the campervan during the rental period, and will be returned after confirmation that everything is OK.

Where can I stop the campervan?

Besides assistance parks and camping parks, you can stop pretty much anywhere (beach, mountain, city…), as long as you respect other people’s privacy and private property. You should always pick up the trash you generated when you are leaving a place. This said, technically, wild camping is not legal in Portugal. Nevertheless, many people do it in motorhomes. But as it is not legal, if you do it, you may be asked by the authorities to leave the place or even be fined. Wind camping in tents is not allowed.

Are camping parks opened all year round?

Mostly, yes. But you should always check previously, especially during the low season.

Do campervans have heating systems at night?


Do you provide maps and routes?

Yes. We will provide you with maps, suggestions of touristic routes and many other useful information about camping parks, assistance areas, fluvial beaches, naturist beaches, ecoturism, etc. You also get a list of our partners (surf, adventure and leisure, camping), on whose activities you can get benefits.

Can you deliver me the campervan at a place of my choice?

Yes. If that place is until 25 Km from our facilities, we´ll do it for free. For more distant places, we can do it for an additional fee (€0,50 / Km), as long as it´s in Portugal. This service has fixed rates for Lisboa (€120) and Faro (€200).

Is there any special discount if we rent more than a campervan?

There may be, depending on the time of the year. You should consult us directly regarding this.

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes. All information you provide us will be secure.

Can my children travel in the campervan?

Yes, they are more than welcome.

Can I rent a campervan if I’m under 25 years old?

Yes, but you will have to pay an additional fee (€3 / day).

Do the campervans have a sound system?

Yes. USB and MP3.

What time does your office open and close?

We are open from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m.

Do campervans have bathrooms?

Campervans do not have bathrooms. However, there is an exterior shower and we can provide a chemical toilet.

Are bed linen provided?

Yes, we provide bed linen for 2 for free (duvet or sleeping bags, pillows, blankets and towels). If you are more than 2 you can add bed linen as an extra.

Are there additional costs not mentioned in the contract?


Must the fuel deposit be full when I return the campervan?

Yes. When you return the campervan the fuel tank must be as it was when you picked it up.

If the fuel tank isn’t returned full, a fee of 15€ will be charged.

Is there a minimum renting period?

Yes. During low and medium seasons the minimum renting period is 3 days. During the high season, the minimum renting period is 7 days.

Do I have to deliver my campervan clean?

No, that´s covered by the cleaning fee. You only need to dump the chemical toilet and the dirty water tank, as well as the garbage.

If you don´t dump the chemical toilet, a fee of 20€ will be charged.

How can I rent a campervan?

You can do it online on our website (ask quote), you can do it in our office or you can do it by phone.

Why should I rent with The Getaway Van?

It´s the opportunity to live the adventure of a lifetime! Being both car and hotel, the Getaway campervans are designed to comfortably accommodate 4 people, and pets are also welcome. Having a great size, you can park them anywhere! Affordable and easy to drive they, however, offer all the modern comfort because the basic package is really complete.