C is for Coimbra – A-Z of Portugal’s cities

C is for Coimbra - A-Z of Portugal's cities.

Good afternoon and welcome to A- Z of Portugal’s cities. Today we are looking at the letter C. 

There are a number of reasons to visit Coimbra.


Did you know that it is a UNESCO World Heritage site? Yes indeed it is, it has amazing architectural significance focused a lot on its university (one of the first universities in Europe!)


It was the Capital of the Kingdom. The 1st King of Portugal converted it into the Capital and this was very important when Portugal gained independence.
The city of Coimbra served as the capital of Portugal from 1139 to 1385, and was the birthplace of six monarchs from the Portuguese 1st Dynasty. Noted for its cultural traditions and artistic treasures, Coimbra was long the intellectual capital of Portugal and remains one of its most picturesque cities. 
The older part of the city, with its narrow, crooked streets, is on a hill. Below it on all sides are the newer, more regularly patterned city districts.


It was the stage of one of the most beautiful, scandalous, and tragic love stories of Portuguese history that rival that of Shakespeare. Some even say Shakespeare was inspired by it. Take a look at the story based in Coimbra here. When looking at the A-Z of Portugal’s cities 


One of my favourite places to visit in Portugal. Now a lot of my birthdays have been spent at this place (it’s in summer – you can send the present to getaway 😉 )
Here you can see all the most famous buildings in Portugal but in mini size. Kids absolutely adore it and adults love it too, it’s beautifully made and informative. (pics posed for by my then 2-year-old 😍)
Check out their website here:

Always check out Coimbra, no matter who you are travelling with. There is so much history and things to do whatever your age. 

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