New Year’s Eve in Portugal

What to do and where to go for Portuguese New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve in Portugal

So we have just started to recover from all that eating at Christmas and now we are in that twilight stage of the week after Christmas and the start of the New Year where no one really knows what day it is or what time it is. With family still around and children still all excited we start to think of the New Year’s Eve in Portugal and how to celebrate it, and here in Portugal it is now different, with a couple of places and traditions you may not know.


Where to celebrate? 


Well in Portugal the biggest parties are in the big cities, but that is not to say the other celebrations should be missed, definitely not. With a Getaway Van you can visit any one of these places depending on what you want from New Year’s Eve. Remember wherever you go to take 12 raisins with you to celebrate the New Year, 1 for each month, and if you are inside when the clock strikes midnight to hang out the window with pots and pans and make lots of noise to scare away the bad spirits to have a peaceful New Year’s Eve in Portugal and the rest of the year too. 


Firstly we look at the cities…

New Year's EVE in PORTO

Porto – Yes, I may be bias, The Getaway Van is based here and I do love to visit Porto on New Years Eve. Usually people of all ages gather in the Avenida dos Aliados, however this year The New Year’s Eve party in Porto takes place at Queimódromo, in Parque da Cidade, due to the works on the metro in downtown Porto, with performances by Fernando Daniel, Diogo Piçarra and Moullinex being planned so with a big party- wth 40,000 people expected, live music, and of course the famous fireworks that are said to last 8-10 minutes you won’t be disappointed with what Porto has to offer.


Also in Porto there are the famous Port wine Cellars that have special New Year’s Eve events on and in recent years there has been cruises on the River Douro where you can have a meal and take in the new year on the river overlooking the glorious city of Porto. For a great New Year´s Eve Portugal, Porto is a great place to be.

New Year's EVE in LISBON

Le Réveillon, São Silvestre, and Passagem de Ano. New Year’s Eve in Lisbon has a lot of different names, but it is definitely a great place to bring in the New Year.

There are a few different ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Lisbon, and it depends what you are looking for. 

Some are in the heart of the action, and so they make sure they’re at Praça do Comércio or Belém to enjoy the live music and fireworks. The Lisbon City Council is promoting a big party in Praça do Comércio, here you can enjoy the great fireworks display. (tip: Saint Jorge Castle opens its doors at midnight, it is an ideal place to see the fireworks display)

Others again prefer to attend one of the private NYE events happening at Lisbon’s many different hotels and casinos, many of which are black tie parties. There are also pub crawls, river cruises, fado evenings, and just about every other type of event happening in Lisbon.



 For the biggest and liveliest NYE option in the Algarve, Albufeira is the place to be. Unlike the rest of the Algarve, which can be fairly quiet around Christmas, Albufeira usually stays buzzing with activity. And, on NYE there’s even more activity than usual as thousands of people from across the Algarve, Portugal, and even further afield come to celebrate NYE here.

There can be between 50,000 – 80,000 people at the fireworks display on Praia dos Pescadores (Fishermen’s Beach). Afterward, the bars and clubs stay open until the early hours of the morning check out this link if you want to know more about this year.


Serra da Estrela is the most famous mountain in Portugal, visited by many for being a winter Getaway spot to rest with family and friends. 

It is inevitably one of the most popular destinations for New Year’s Eve, especially for snow lovers. Whether for a few days at the ski resorts or simply for a quiet New Year’s Eve in front of a fireplace, you’ll find everything from spa hotels and elegant parties to simple self-catering accommodations. Entering the New Year surrounded by the peace and beauty that the snow has to offer with relaxation or adrenaline inducing sports, there is something for everyone, to spend an amazing New Year’s Eve in Portugal.

The Getaway is fully booked this New Year.

We are fully booked this year at New Year. People taking the opportunity to Getaway and explore our beautiful country. You should try the same, with so many options throughout the year don’t forget to get a quote and make your Portuguese New Year’s Eve a reality.

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New Year’s Eve in Portugal

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