B is for Braganca – A – Z of Portugal’s cities

B is for Braganca - Braganca Castle

Onwards and upwards. Today we are looking at the letter B!

B is for Bragança.

Bragança is right at the top of Portugal, you can even see Spain, give it a wave next time you visit.
It is a stunning place to go on a road trip with the Getaway van gorgeous mountains and lovely views.

We visited in the summer of 2020 and here are some top tips for all ages.

First things first

The castle.

Inside Braganca’s castle is a military museum, where you can see many many different types of weaponry used through the ages as well as the evolution of the uniforms worn and the battle strategies. Was very interesting to see. 

Be aware that the steps are quite steep, so if you have small children like I did, it’s best to make sure you hold onto handrails.

We much prefer this window view to our warehouse’s teeny tiny windows.


Train fans gather

If you have train loving children or just love trains (because they are great I must admit) you can pretend to be a Queen/King just like me and visit the Museu Nacional Ferroviário Bragança.

It is only a small museum but there are a few of the trains that you can go into and imagine you are going back in time through the Portuguese country-side. We all had a great time here and would definitely return this summer.


Riverbed play at the Azibo river

We also had a blast at Azibo river (B)each just outside Bragança. It was a (B)loomin’ hot day and the river was looovely and cool. 

The children would wade out as deeply as they felt safe and then return to the many shaded areas when they had been out in the sun for awhile. 

We had the open to eat in a restaurant or grab some snacks/lunch  and chill in the shade and play in the vast green spaces. We chose the latter and had water fights. 

Braganca has many other beautiful views and the landscape surrounding the entire area is beautiful. So check back soon for more ideas and tips in the North of Portugal. 

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