5 Portuguese beaches every surf lover needs to know

You probably don’t know, but Portugal is a great surf destination.

From all around the world, surfers come to discover our amazing coast and all the beaches that offer the perfect waves… and adventures! There are over 900 Km of coast for you to discover! Did you know that Portugal is one of Eddie Vedder’s favorite places to surf? From North to South of the country, we present you 5 of the most amazing Portuguese beaches where you can surf.


1. Ericeira

Between the capital of Portugal and the beautiful city of Sintra, there is one of the favorite surf spots. This small fishermen village called Ericeira is the place where the Worldwide Surf Championship takes place.
Although small sized, Ericeira has several beaches to choose from for a great surf surf experience.


2. Nazaré

We bet you already heard about Nazaré. It has been the stage of more than one world record of the biggest wave surfed!
Worth to visit all year long, the waves offer a true show. Often you get to see (and to surf, if you´re brave) 10 meters´ waves!

Nazare Beach

3. Viana do Castelo

Cabedelo beach, in Viana do Castelo, is one of the portuguese spots to surf. This beach has the perfect conditions to surf, bodyboard, windsurf and kitesurf, to people with more or less experience.

4. Peniche

This is another important city for national and international surf.  It´s where the worldwide surf championship WTC takes place. The amazing thing about Peniche is that you can find a lot of different spots to surf. It all depends on how brave you feel and your experience!

5. Sagres

In Algarve, there is this city where you can find amazing waves all year round… except for Summer!
Curious, isn’t it? Well, Sagres usually has better waves during Autumn, Winter and Spring. But the amazing thing about this city is that it is located in one of the most touristic areas of Portugal, so you can find a lot of amazing things to do!

So, are you thinking about making a road trip, you and your surfboard?

With a Getaway Van both of you will share amazing moments, surfing the best waves in Portugal!

And, if you don´t feel safe to try it on your own, we partnered up with the best surf schools in the country!


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