Terms and Conditions




THE GETAWAY VAN, LDA, hereinafter designated as lessor, rents the vehicle, best identified in the particular conditions of the contract (hereinafter Contract) to the customer identified in the first clause of the particular conditions, hereinafter called the lessee, according the following general terms and conditions.


1 – The lessee declares that he received the vehicle under the conditions of use and cleaning, with the respective accessories and documents mentioned in the contract and in the joint verification document called “checkout”, pledging to return it in the same condition that he received it, on the date and place designated in the contract.

2 – If the vehicle is used in violation of the contract, the lessor may terminate the contract, with mandatory return of the vehicle by the lessee at the indicated location; otherwise the vehicle will be removed, pursuant to law, at the lessee’s expenses.

3 – If the lessee wishes to extend the rental period, he must go the premises of the lessor to enter into a new agreement, subject to approval.

4 – The lessor is not liable to the lessee or any passenger for the loss or damage to property left in the vehicle, either during the rental period or after it.


1 – The lessee must take care of the vehicle, ensuring that it is properly locked and in a secure location when not in use, put the proper fuel as well as connect with diligence and use any security device installed in vehicle, if any.

2 – The lessee agrees not to use or not to allow the use of the vehicle in the following situations:

  • a) To transport passengers or goods in contravention of the law;
  • b) For sports training or tests, whether they are official or not;
  • c) For any person under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance that directly or indirectly impair their perception and response capacity;
  • d) For holders of a driving license for less than a year, and by persons other than the authorized drivers, i.e. are not identified in the contract or document annexed thereto;
  • e) Out of Portuguese territory, unless you have express permission.


If the vehicle has a malfunction, repairs may be carried out only with prior agreement with the lessor.

1– The lessee can hire the following services:

  • a) Super CDW – covers all damages caused to the vehicle, and total or partial theft of the same, not being the lessee liable to pay any fee or being subject to payment of reduced fees;
  • b) CDW – covers all damages caused to the vehicle in case of accident, the lessee being required to pay a variable deductible amount depending on the type of vehicle as exposed in the table attached to the contract, which is an integral part of said contract;
  • c)– TW – covers theft and / or theft of the car;
  • d)–PAI – Cover Personal Accidents of the driver, with the following covers: medical expenses and hospitalization 1.800 €; 10.000 €, death and disability;

2 – The lessee is obliged, in case of accident, to proceed according to the following dispositions:

  • a) Participate to the lessor and the police authorities any accident, theft or any other claims within 24 hours;
  • b) Get the names and addresses of witnesses and persons involved;
  • c) Do not leave the vehicle without taking the proper measures to protect and safeguard it;
  • d) Not to assume any responsibility or plead guilty in the case of accidents that could result in liability of the lessor;
  • e) Immediately call the lessor providing it with a detailed report of the accident including the police registration document of the accident.

3 – Only the lessee and / or authorised drivers can benefit from the insurance services Super CDW, CDW and PAI.

4 – Even if the lessee subscribes the Super CDW cover, all damages resulting from misuse of the vehicle, is still the lessee’s sole responsibility.

5 – In case of accident due to speeding, negligence, driving under influence of alcohol, narcotics or consumption of any product that impairs driving ability, the renter will be responsible for all the costs of repair and compensation for the time stoppage of the vehicle involved, even if there has been contracted Super CDW coverage and / or CDW.

6 – The vehicle will only have the CDW and / or Super CDW coverage during the period agreed in the contract, unless there is extension of the contract in accordance with these general conditions, with the lesser declining all responsibility for any accidents caused or likely to be caused by the lessee beyond the rental period, being the only responsible.


1 – The lessee is expressly obliged to pay the due amounts arising from this contract, the lessor as soon as it is requested, namely:

  • a) The price payable for the rental of the vehicle, depending on the rental period and respective mileage, calculated according to the rate constant in the contract;
  • b) Any and all fees related to the suppression of security deposit, personal accident cover, cover shock, collision and rollover, theft coverage and any other applicable costs in accordance with the tariff or rate in the particular conditions of this contract;
  • c) All taxes and charges on the rental of the vehicle or the amount fixed by the lessor for reimbursement of such taxes; d) All costs incurred by the emerging recovery of rental payments owed by the lessee as a result of this contract.

2 – Invoices not paid on the due date shall bear interest at the maximum rate permitted by law;

3 – In case of accident the lessee shall pay all administrative expenses for the respective process € (Euros).

4 – The lessee, to ensure compliance with the obligations under the Contract, will provide a security deposit in cash, check or credit card, by the amount specified in the Contract, expressly authorizing the lessor to fill and charge your credit card with the amounts due.


If the lessor is notified as a result of contravention or misconduct committed by the lessee, to uniquely identify it, the lessee is responsible to pay to cover administrative expenses, the amount of 20 € (Twenty Euros) for the information provided to those entities.


The parties agree to the addresses indicated in the Contract to any contact, particularly for the purpose of citations or notices.


The lessee acknowledges that all clauses of this contract were timely and expressly communicated and explained, and that he was aware of them, by signing this contract.


1 – At the beginning of the contract, the lessee must provide all necessary personal data (his and the driver (s) of the vehicle), for identification purposes, expressly authorizing the lessor to electronically process the data.

2 – The lessor is responsible for the automatic processing of personal data provided in this contract.

3 – According to Law No. 67/98 of 28 October, Law of Personal Data Protection is assured to issuer entities, respective guardians and / or named users access to their personal data for rectification, updating and altering purposes.

I do not want my data being made available to third parties for direct marketing purposes;

I understand that the vehicle is equipped with geolocation device (GPS) that can be used in case of breach of contract and / or boundary crossing.

Yes, I authorize the communication of my personal data to the ARAC (Association of Manufacturers of Car Rental without driver) for inclusion in their database in case of failure to comply. The query can be made with the entity responsible for data processing.

Via Verde Management Service Subscription

Subscription management service Via Verde. This service allows, through the use of an identifier property of THE GETAWAY VAN, LDA, to determine the value of the toll charge, in order to pursue its recovery under the electronic toll services available in properly equipped for the purpose road infrastructure, being the lessee solely responsible for full payment of the amount thereof during the term of the contract.

For payment purposes, the lessee must provide a valid credit card, ensuring in the corresponding bank account sufficient funds to cover the payments due balance, as the debt may occur subsequent to the detection of the use of road infrastructure aforementioned accepting that debts may occur after the end of the contract, since the use of road infrastructure has been taken during the time of this contract.