Friday 13th in Montalegre

What to see in a do in Montalegre on Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th in Montalegre!

Montalegre lives the first “Friday the 13th” of the year in January.

It is the return of the biggest street show in Portugal to the satisfaction of thousands of lovers of this truly unique event.

Take a look at the programme and a taster of what is to come.

In english

On Friday 13th of January 2023 

Street Animation


Opening of the Esconjuro fair



Castle Stage

The New Hell Show

‘Queimada’ – Padre Fontes- A Pyromusical show



Municipal Square Stage

‘Chulada da Ponte Velha’ – ‘The old Bridge Pit’


Don’t miss it!

Check out a little taster of what you might see. Grab your costume and get to Montalegre by the 13th!

What else is there in Montalegre?

Did you know that Barroso in Montalegre is classified as World Agricultural Heritage?

It is true and because of this there are many things to see here and the community is proud of their area and history.


The EcoMusesum of Barroso has a distinct rich heritage which the museum safeguards and allows us to see its history and significance. 

“Touching” the origin is easier through this portal capable of intuitively appealing to the senses. 

The museum says ‘We invite you to let yourself be guided on a journey to the compendium of the essence of Barrosã and get to know this “piece of land”, which occupies a third of the only national park in the country: the Peneda-Gerês National Park.


A castle not to be missed. The Getaway Van has visited this castle and explored the area around it. There are some amazing views to be had.


The Montalegre Castle is located in the Montalegre e Padroso parish, Montalegre municipality, Vila Real District, in Portugal. On top of a granite hill, from where you can see the mountains of Gerês and Larouco and the course of the river Cávado, the castle dominates the village, a few kilometers from the border with Galicia. 


Visiting with all ages of the family is a must, all ages can appreciate it.

Amazing views and food in the region

Once your in your Getaway Van you should drive up and see the views. After you’re exciting Friday the 13th party you’ll need a hearty meal to keep you going.

There are a number of different types of food, in particular meat, that originate from this place such as…

Barroso-Montalegre salpicão sausage. It is a smoked sausage made from pork of the Bísaro breed of pigs or crossbreeds of the Bísaro pig. It originates from the Montalegre region.

The climate of Montalegre has a positive effect on the finished sausage – the harsh weather conditions influence the pigs’ diet, allowing the meat and fat to develop evenly.

Pork loin is initially seasoned with salt, garlic, and wine, and then rubbed with chili powder before being stuffed in sausage casings. 


There can often be found to have events celebrating the food and many happy customers, again all ages love to get up close and personal with the food, and the local agricultural community :). 


So don’t forget to drop on by, put your seatbelt on and come and explore with us at the Getaway Van your lucky Friday the 13th!

Where to stay?

One of the best things about having a Getaway Van is the freedom to take your ‘hotel’ where you want. 

Not too far away from the centre of Montalegre is Parque de Campismo de Penedones also called Aquabarroso.

The park offers shade provided by wells with large native oaks. It provides an environment of great scenic beauty of the lake and the mountains of the High Rabagão Barroso, ideal for water sports and mountain, for contact with the natural heritage and gastronomy of the Barroso region in a relaxed and family in the heart barrosã culture.

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