Choose one of our fun, head-twisting campervans as your journey’s companion!

Travel and sleep 4 people

Our campervans are more economic than traditional caravans, are easy to drive and park and can stay anywhere overnight. Our modern fleet of Ford Transit Custom (4 seats) 2.2 TDI 125 CV comes with 6 speed manual transmission, remote central locking, power steering, air conditioning, cruise control, driver’s airbag, MP3 compatible audio system with USB port, and 24/7 roadside assistance.




  • Free transfer (up to 25 Km from our headoffice)
  • Comprehensive insurance (third part insurance and own damage)
  • Unlimited Kilometers
  • 24/7 Roadside assistance
  • Trip planning advice

Campervan Basic equipment

  • 2 Double beds (sleep 4 persons – L190 x W113 and L190 x W120)
  • Living/eating area with indoor table (L100 x W90 x H177)
  • Cooking area with sink, running water tap, portable gas stove (2 recharges) and 30L thermoelectric portable cooler (12V or 220V)
  • Luggage space L165 x W130 x H40
  • Interior and exterior LED lighting
  • Several 12V and 220V power outlets (when connected to the electrical grid)
  • Solar pannel with battery (interior and exterior LED lighting and 12v electric system)
  • 75L drinkable water tank
  • Outdoor cold shower
  • Independent central heating (runs when van is switched off)
  • Surfboard storage
  • Privacy curtains and side blackout roller blinds
  • MP3 cable & USB charger
  • Digital lock safety vault
  • 220V camping cable
  • Assistance alert button
  • Car jack, triangle & safety vests
  • Fire extinguisher

Complementary equipment

  • Bedding kit for 2 people (Pillows, season adequate sleeping bags, bath towels, personal hygiene kit with shampoo, shower gel, tooth paste, etc)
  • 2 Light cosy blankets
  • 2 Umbrellas
  • Cooking utensils (4 person kit)
    • Pots, pans & frying pan
    • Plates & bowls
    • Cups & glasses
    • Bottle and can opener
    • Cutlery
    • Coffee maker
    • Tea, coffee, salt, pepper, oil and vinegar
    • Dish cloth, dustpan, brush and dishwashing liquid
    • Matches, napkins, kitchen paper roll

Travel guides, maps and explorer routes

  • Documents folder
  • Manuals and instructions
  • Portugal roadmap
  • Campsites guides
  • Overnight stays list
  • Travel guides (library to choose from)
  • Northern Portugal Heritage Guide
  • The Douro travel guide
All Campervans sleep four people.

All campervans are equipped with 2 expandable double beds, that have there own lightning system and bedding. Yes we provide you will all the fresh clean bedding right off the laundry. Rooms with a view where you get to pick the view . Cool stuff?

Storage, storage and more storage

Don't be fooled, these campervans can take a lot more stuff than you may think. Under the beds there is loads of sapce so you can store anything that you bring along, even surf boards fit there without getting in the way of a normal use of the living area. Also, those boxes on the photo are filled up with great stuff that we provide, (checkout the base equipment sections. )

Campervans bike rack

Our campervans come with the optional bike rack, where you can take up to 2 bikes, without having to overcrowd the living area. You may also rent any type of bike from us via one of our many partners . (special rates apply)

Power plugs , sockets , and all the meters you'll need.

All campervans are equipped with an array of devices like this on the photo. We have the Hot Water switch that controls the sink tap and the shower head, a water meter that let's you know when you 70 litters of water supply need refilling, a main power switch, a EU power socket (220v), and a 12V lighter socket.

Portable Gaz Cooker

The campervans are equipped with a portable mobile gaz cooker , so you can cook outside of the van just by setting up on a rock or even on the table. This will keep your rental campervan free of unwanted smells. We provide you with an extra gaz canister so with don't ever run the risk of running out of gaz in the middle of nowhere.

A traveller's mobile electric cooler.

This cooler is powered by the extra battery on the campervan. It is also a mobile unit that you can take outside to the beach, riverside , where ever you decide to have those cold refreshments.

The Getaway Van complimentary hygiene kits

The Getaway Van hygiene kit come with shampoo, shower gel, tooth paste. It is nice to know that wherever you go you can keep your personal hygiene.

The Getaway Van's kitchen is a kitchen with a view.

You can cook, wash and clean anywhere you go. Perfect for those seaside morning breakfasts , or stunning sunset dinners, This small kitchen is equipped with a sink , gaz hob , a large storage unit and a drawer for all your kitchen utensils.

The Getaway Van Awning

The awning is an absolute essential for a camper. Our awnings are quick and easy to setup, so you don't have to worry about getting that sunburn, getting wet or having your coffee ruined falling by a tree leaf.

All camper vans come with a solar panel

Campervan's secondary battery is charged with a solar panel so that you don't run the risk of running out of juice.

Campervan's table assembled in dining mode.

Campervan converted to dining mode. The table is assembled in a matter of seconds , while the passenger frontal chair rotates backwards giving you a wider sense of space.